The Safe Mental Health Treatment That Can Help You Feel More Intelligent

Until today we could not see what’s happening within our brain and know very well what determines our behavior.

Because of Carl Jung’s breakthroughs and my simplifications the scientific dream translations allow us to see what’s happening within our mental system and understand our mental health issues.

For this reason today we all know that everybody needs many explanations to be able to understand and accept the things they cannot comprehend or the things they judge in different ways.

Everyone needs time to be able to change their mind as well as their behavior, and to be able to overcome their fears. This can be a difficult process that must definitely be respected.

All tries to cure mental disorders with psychological drugs without being aware of what determines an individual’s ideas as well as their behavior are crimes against their awareness.

Psychological drugs make everybody become dumb and insensitive, so they may forget their problems. These drugs also provide numerous side-effects, plus they generate suicidal ideas.

Dream translation helps everybody be intelligent and sensitive and solve their problems because of the transformation of the personality, and due to the data they’ve within their dreams.

Our psychiatrists should never be in a position to know how our ideas are created as this formation does not rely on chemical alterations.

They’re using scientific data concerning the functioning from the mind using the intention to check and check out solutions according to suppositions, not understanding how our brain works. Thus, these doctors aren’t carrying out a scientific method to be able to cure their sufferers.

However, our psychologists do not have sufficient understanding to be able to provide us with all of the explanations we want.

Sometimes they assist their sufferers, however they not have the persistence or even the courage to cope with patients who are suffering from severe mental illnesses and do not cooperate for his or her treatment.

The easiest solution for mental health issues that do not appear to possess a solution within the cruel and commercial world may be the transformation of the sufferers into vegetables with no personality with harmful drugs.

The planet really wants to eliminate individuals who aren’t productive. For this reason the weak, poor people, and also the psychologically ill are abandoned, imprisoned, or drugged.

Just the strong ones can survive within our concrete jungle. Everybody else is suffocated by individuals who rule the planet and make the most of their fortunate position.

However, without persistence and goodness we can’t find peace, seem mental health, and happiness.

The truth that there’s a demon in to the greatest a part of our brain means that we’re actually vampires having a human face. For this reason we’ve the behaviour of untamed creatures.

For this reason more incurable illnesses and worse mental disorders are killing the population, and our social troubles are growing.

We can’t have the ability to eliminate our problems according to our ideas because we believe like selfish demons.

In addition, we are able to remember a lot of things that aren’t associated with our mental problems, but we have a tendency to your investment information which is the opposite of our thoughts because our satanic anti-conscience never stops delivering us absurd ideas and fears. It does not let’s think logically, also it does not let’s be sensitive.

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