Buying Health Insurance Has Never Been So Easy!

The necessity of health insurance plans cannot be disregarded in today’s times when medical expenses are shooting through the roof. Though these expenses can’t be entirely avoided, they can be insured against through medical insurance.

Earlier, buying health plans proved to be troublesome and never-ending with recurring trips to the insurance company or contacting an agent for the purchase. Am sure even you have heard of it…

But fear not… Life has become way simpler now… but how? Let me help you understand.

Today, thanks to the advent and popularity of the internet, buying health insurance can be safely completed online without any hassle. The online medium has simplified the whole process of buying a health insurance plan.

Let’s understand the benefits of buying health insurance online and how simple it is to buy without any stress.

Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Online-

There are a lot of benefits to buying a health policy online. Mentioned below are some of them –

  • Lower Premium:
    Online health insurance plans are usually cheaper compared to offline ones. The absence of administration costs in online purchases decreases the premium payable amount significantly.Benefit: Thus, online health insurance is more pocket-friendly.
  • Premium Calculator:

With the help of online premium calculators, you can easily determine the premium payable in no time!

Benefit: You know the exact premium outlay and can thus plan your budget accordingly.

  • Easy Comparison:

The best part about online medical policies is the access to accurate information at one’s fingertips. One can easily compare the rates of various plans available and their respective coverage features.

Benefit: Thus, comparison helps in making an informed decision on which policy to buy which suits your coverage needs.

  • Saves Time :

With online purchases, the gain in efficiency goes without saying. Moreover, you can do it anywhere, anytime without having to worry about appointments with agents or other manual documentation work that might take longer than necessary.

Benefit: Thus, comparing and purchasing policies online reduces the time taken to buy health plans than buying them offline.

  • Complete transparency:

In the case of an online purchase, you know exactly what you’re paying for and how much. You get all the information about what is covered and what is not covered under each plan with complete transparency before you buy.

Benefit: Thus, online payments or transactions ensure complete transparency in the amount payable.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Health Insurance –

The basic pointer while purchasing policies online is to make sure to give priority to the coverage provided and the features of the policy over premiums and popularity. In case you need OPD and teleconsultation coverage, along with your indemnity health insurance plan, you can simply opt for CarePal Secure’s Health Protection Plan, where you can avail of 24 X 7 teleconsultation of doctors along with discounts on medicines and diagnostics.

However, there are some other important pointers to have in mind while purchasing a health plan online:

  1. Claim Process:
    It is important to know about the exact claim process of the insurance company which is usually the major stumbling block which should not get problematic during emergencies.
  2. Sub-limits:
    Always keep in mind all the limitations and exclusions of your chosen policy before opting for it and before filing a claim. Make sure to go through the fine print of the policy online.
  3. Waiting Period:
    Every policy comes with a fixed waiting period. Health insurance waiting periods pertain to coverage of certain illnesses, and only after the period is over does the policy cover claims under those illnesses, if any. The shorter the waiting period the better. It is one of the reasons why availing of a health policy early on is advisable.
  4. Network Hospitals:
    Lastly, to avail of the cashless treatment facility, check the list of in-network hospitals in and around your area in advance for future convenience.

Indeed the online economy has made our lives a lot easier, from buying the policy to even processing the claim and tracking it as well. However, you need to know all the possible loopholes so that you can process your claim very easily.

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