Some Popular Flavours Of Fantasi Vape Juice You May Want To Try

When you move from smoking cigarettes to vaping, it pens a world of flavour to you with so much choice in vape juices available. You can try some fantastic tasting flavours of vape juices, and you can also combine flavours to make something unique. If you are new to vaping, it can be daunting to look at how many flavours are available, and there are some strange ones such as crab, tuna, black pepper, or bacon. Below are some of the most popular Fantasi flavour profiles you can try vaping to enhance your experience and ensure it is pleasurable.

Raspberry Ice E-Liquid

If you love the sweet taste of raspberries, you will love the raspberry ice e-liquid from Fantasi. The Fantasi raspberry ice e-liquid is a shortfill liquid, so you will need to add a shot of nicotine to it unless you vape using non-nicotine e-liquids. You also can add salt nicotine e-liquid to it if you prefer to vape using this type of e-liquid. The tangy-sweet taste of this e-liquid will get your tastebuds watering, and it can prove to be a new favourite of yours after you try it.

Fantasi Grape Ice

One of the most popular flavours of vape juices is Fantasi grape ice, which is one of the best-selling Fantasi flavours. The delicious flavour of grapes will get your mouth watering, and it is another shortfill liquid, and you can top this up with various strengths of nicotine shots if needed. It is like vaping a grape soda with an icy blast, and it is popular with many vapers, young and old alike.

Blackcurrant Lemonade Ice

Another popular flavour profile from Fantasi is their blackcurrant lemonade ice, which tastes like a blackcurrant drink with an icy blast. No matter what time of year it is, every day will feel like summer when you vape this delicious e-liquid from Fantasi. Unlike the other flavours from Fantasi listed above, this one is suitable for sub-ohm vaping and has a 70/30 VG and PG ratio. If you want to blow massive plumes of delicious vape smoke, this is the ideal flavour to do so.


Another popular flavour from Fantasi is their Blackjack flavour, which tastes like the children’s sweet that was popular in years gone by and has a superb taste. It has a mixture of liquorice and aniseed, and the vape juice reflects the sweets perfectly. It is like a blast from the past, and going back to your childhood, vaping this flavour from Fantasi is also one of the best-selling flavours. It has a rich and full flavour and is one that any who try it love the taste of it, so you may want to give it a try.

Banana, Mango, & Apricot

Another delicious vape juice from Fantasi that is suitable for sub-ohm vaping is their banana, mango, and apricot e-liquid. It is packed full of fruity flavour and is available as a shortfill e-liquid, so you can add as much nicotine as you want. It is packed full of the taste of vanilla banana, with the sweet and tangy flavour of apricot, leaving you with a sweet mango aftertaste. If you like sweet fruity flavours, this is the ideal option for you that you will want to try in your vaping device.

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