Cheap Drugs Med24 Health & Medicine Fri, 09 Aug 2019 05:23:50 +0000 en-US hourly 1 What to Know About Treating Heel Spurs Mon, 05 Aug 2019 05:09:40 +0000 A heel spur is incredibly painful and can greatly impact a person’s quality of life, causing them to suffer when they walk. While sometimes a heel spur will exist for a long period of time, they often begin to hurt without much warning, leaving people wondering what they can do to decrease the pain that they have and increase their quality of life. When patients have a few options of how they can treat his bony growth, then they will be much better suited to handling the pain that they can cause.

Take Advantage of Rest

It can be very frustrating for people who suffer from heel spurs to relax and get off of their feet, but rest is one of the best ways to decrease the pain that is commonly associated with a spur. Long walks, running, and other activities that put a lot of pressure on the foot, such as tennis and basketball, need to be avoided. Even standing for long periods of time can easily exacerbate a spur, aggravating it and causing even more pain.

Use Exercises to Increase Ligament Length

Shorter ligaments in the foot and the leg can play a huge role in the creation of a bone spur as well as in its irritation. While many people turn to medication to dull the pain that they feel, certain exercises can help to strengthen the foot and make the ligament a bit longer. Together, this will result in a foot that is more flexible as well as stronger, which means that it is less likely to be damaged.

Opt for Orthotics

Orthotics are a great way to address the pain caused by a spur, but only when they are professionally made and very high quality. Lower quality orthotics will not reduce the pain brought on by a bone spur and can even result in other foot problems in the future. Orthotics that correct the foot so that it is being held in the correct position are comfortable and reduce strain throughout the foot. This means that the inflammation will be able to heal faster as there will be less strain when walking and even when resting.

Treating a bone spur is key to reducing pain in the foot and ensuring that a person can easily walk, stand, and play sports without pain. Getting professional help to fit custom orthotics is the best way to treat a bone spur and to prevent the pain from becoming too much to bear. Working with a professional will also allow a patient to learn new stretching exercises, which will lengthen and strengthen the foot. With orthotics and stretching, people can easily treat the pain of their spurs without having to consider more drastic measures.

China Dedicated to Medical, Healthcare System Reform — Bigger Role For TCM Sat, 20 Jul 2019 07:33:56 +0000 During the Obama presidency, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) gave the basic medicare protection to the needy people. After President Trump entered the White House, he repealed the Obama care right away. The dramatic reform of medical insurance in the United States (aka 美国医保) aroused heated public discussion.

Not only American citizens but international students have some comments as regards the change in their international student insurance (aka 留学生 保险), F-2 insurance (aka f2保险), health insurance for OPT (aka opt期间保险), H-1B insurance (aka h1b 保险). Among all types of health insurance for international individuals, OPT insurance has the most “sensitive” changes, since OPT is the transition from the status of a student to a societal worker. Many terms in the previously recommended OPT insurance (aka opt保险推荐) plans must be changed.

The General Office of the State Council on Tuesday released a directive unveiling a series of major tasks in China’s bid to deepen the reform of its medical and healthcare system.

Stressing firm efforts to carry out the reform for the wellbeing of the people and address problems in healthcare accessibility and affordability, the document specified the priority and details of the tasks, and showed the country’s dedication to the reform. Among all fields that the tasks cover, some have stood out and already drawn considerable response from the public.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is expected to play a bigger role in meeting Chinese people’s ever-growing demand for health, as the directive called for the inheritance and development of TCM, as well as innovation during the process.

TCM can play a leading role in the preventive treatment of disease and a key role in recovery, said Feng Li, a professor with the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

“TCM is effective in treating precancerous lesions and can also enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy or surgeries, as well as enhance patients’ immunity during postoperative rehabilitation,” Feng said. The directive also called for more efforts in piloting the integration of TCM and western medicine in clinical practice to treat serious and major diseases. China has been piloting the integration mode since 2018, hoping to explore new methods to treat serious and major diseases.

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