DOT Drug Testing Programs: How much Drug Testing Cost

Like most things today, drug screening technology continues to change dramatically. The same goes for the cost of the procedure. Some companies help cut down the price by providing people with different brands and various types of tests to choose from. When people buy their drug testing kits in bulk, they will save money when they administer these test kits for post-accident and random drug screening.

Other factors people need to consider are the possibility of training or hiring staff or workers and whether they will need to store samples and equipment or not. Although some of the tests are very easy to administer and laboratories all over the world have their own professionally trained workers or staff.

Testing cost

Screening does not immediately affect the company’s yearly budget. The cost of supplies for maintaining random testing programs depend on various factors.

The type of testing methods used (Oral, Urine, or Hair follicle test).

The preferred brand of choice.

The number of drugs that need to be tested.

The cost of a random or periodic drug screening program doesn’t need to be that expensive. An honest and open dialogue with point-of-contact kit retailers, as well as the laboratories is usually the best way to make sure that companies can tailor a program for their needs while not going over the budget. Screening laboratory costs also increase or decreases depending on laboratories. Some companies have labs all over the country to help find the most affordable labs in the area, no matter where you are located.

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Should company workers need to be tested?

If you are thinking about implementing an illegal substance testing policy in the workplace, listed below are some factors you need to consider.

The cost of the supplies.

People who will conduct the test, as well as the people who will monitor the supplies.

Methods used to select donors for random screening.

The types of screening methods that will be used.

The people or company that will interpret the results. Are they required to undergo specialized training?

The amount of time test results will be obtained and recorded.

The type of test is more accurate.

The type of confirmation testing is required.

The cost of every test.

The amount of illegal substances that can be tested at once.

There are a lot of variables existing when you want to implement a protocol in your company. The size of the business, its location, even the industry it belonged to is all factors people need to consider and plays significant roles in knowing how much the cost.

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How much does testing cost?

Before you make an order in bulk, make sure to do your due diligence in researching the screening laws in your city, state, province or country. A lot of companies do not want to bother with in-house illegal substance screening, or they are not able to perform screening in-house because of being restricted by city, state, or province laws. It means all tests have to be done in secured and certified laboratories. Collecting and testing outside laboratories are not permitted.

If a company has fewer employees to test, experts suggest that they implement a test-as-you-go strategy. It does not require a minimum number of screenings per month. The company provides information about their employees when they are needed for the facilitators.

Certified labs are the only one allowed to handle everything. A lot of companies opt for the five-panel test that picks up common illegal substances, but there are other options that can screen more drugs that are available in the market today like DOT drug testing procedures. Using these kits can be an excellent idea for a lot of companies in areas where synthetic or prescription drug abuse is prevalent.

Depending on the company’s location, they may be able to look for testing kits with competitive price in different markets or platforms. But there is also a big chance that they are in places where there is only one or two laboratories or no available labs at all. It means they need to ship the specimen in places with accredited laboratories.

Businesses need to be savvy and know that they can cut on the cost of performing some of these screenings in-house. For random or pre-employment drug testing, companies can do it through instant urine screening kits, for post-accident ones, they can go with the instant oral test kits or urine cups. If an employee fails the instant test, they need to be retested at an accredited laboratory.


What method is the most accurate?

The cost of the procedure is only one side of the coin. Testing methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. All instant test types can be rechecked or retested in laboratories, where samples are processed with an impressive 99.99% accuracy. On the other side of the coin is the ROI or the Return on Investment. How much money the company can save from implementing the program is another factor people needs to consider when choosing or planning a good screening policy.

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