Why Hair Drug Testing Is Better Than Urine Drug Testing

Companies that decided to avoid urinalysis have seen the difference when it comes to several people that were positive as well as number of prevented accidents as well. The idea is that urinalysis is not that relevant anymore, and almost anyone can cheat it by following right method.

The first thing that you should know is that urinalysis will present the drug usage in the last few weeks, which means it comes with a short window of detection. Of course, some substances such as THC tend remain longer, but in general, it cannot determine patterns of abuse.

The main risk for your company is not someone who tried to smoke weed, but chronic and frequent drug users that may experience severe side effects and cause havoc to your company in general.

They can quickly check on their search engine questions such as: how to pass a hair follicle test, but only a few of them are efficient, and they are highly invasive and challenging for everyone.

Therefore, you should choose a testing method that will determine the past usage that may go up to three months. At the same time, cheating test is almost impossible, which means that you will be able to catch habitual users and prevent accidents and problems before they happen.

Urinalysis Is Not Efficient For Finding New Employee

The main idea that most employers have when it comes to pre-employment drug testing is to determine whether an applicant is someone who regularly abuses and consume drugs. Since these people can affect overall productivity and cause significant expenses in general.

The main problem with this particular method is a short window of detection and low favorable rates, which means that an applicant can abstain for a few days or weeks, and beat a test, which is not something that a chronic user can do with hair analysis.

According to studies and employers that already used hair follicle drug test for their employees and applicants, they identified it as the more efficient choice than urinalysis.

That is why hair is much stable for analysis because equipment uses the latest technology screening, and a wide array of substances and byproducts so that you can get a perfect and thorough result.

Understand everything about drug testing in general by checking here.

Reasons to Choose Hair Drug Test Instead Of Urinalysis?

1.   Detection Rate

We have mentioned above that detection is and should be the main reason why you should go for this instead of other types of screening. The machines used in laboratories come with the latest technology, which means that everything will be completely accurate.

At the same time, you will be able to detect patterns of use, which is another reason why you should consider hair analysis. That way, you can prevent cheating and tampering, and applicants and employees will not be able to abstain or mask the presence of drugs.

2.   It Is Affordable If You Include Return on Investment That You Will Achieve

The main goal of screening programs and drug-free policies is to reduce risks and expenses by finding out who is risky applicant and who should avoid working under your roof.

The primary measure of return will come in form of identification because you will be able to reduce problems that may arise with intoxicated employees such as accidents that may affect both that person and others.

3.   It Is Impossible To Tamper With It

As soon as you write on the search engine about passing a urine test, you will find numerous websites and blogs that will overwhelm you with results that you can use to avoid being caught.

This is a thing of the past, and even though urinalysis is still accepted screening method for both public and private organizations, more and more employers are choosing other methods such as hair analysis because it is impossible to cheat.

When it comes to urine, you will be able to cleanse it through abstinence, or you can use other methods such as masking it with high liquid intake beforehand, substituting it with a sample provided by someone else or fake pea products, or you can use beverages that will hide the drugs.

Finally, you can rest assured, because hair analysis requires professional supervision because the administrator will take the sample in certified laboratory, which means that no one will be able to substitute a specimen or use other evasion tactics.

4.   You Can Use It for Your Defense

You will be able to compare different test results, and you will be able to see a comprehensive picture of someone’s drug history. At the same time, if you have to defend the challenged result, you should use this particular method as the most valid one.

Since it features long window of detection, combining it with other types that can check short-term substance consumption is the whole way of determining whether someone is using drugs both outside and inside the workplace.

5.   Completely Non-Invasive

This is another important consideration because everything will be conducted in medical facilities under strict supervision, which means that there will be no chances for rejected specimens.

The administrator will take approximately 1.5 inches of hair from your head, and send it to the laboratory so that you can see the results in timely manner. The procedure is quick, simple and it does not require invasive methods such as other types including blood testing.

Industries That Should Use Hair Drug Testing

  • Transportation – Remember that the Department of Transportation (visit their official website: regulates this particular industry, which means that employees have to conduct mandatory testing as an application process as well as random one every single year.
  • Gas and Oil – This particular industry is based on safety since the injuries and accidents that may lead to fatalities are common. Therefore, you have to reduce the possibility of creating havoc for your company by checking whether your workers are under the influence or not. These industries include sensitive environments, and you have to ensure that everyone is wholly vetted before you make up your mind.

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