Are the Testoland Landerlan Really Very Effective?

It is really very difficult to find a highly powerful steroid like Tesoland. This is manufactured by Paraguay based pharmaceutical company called Landerland Labs. It is a drug based on testosterone cypionate and has very fewer side effects. Let us review this drug in this short write up.

Short review of Testoland

As already mentioned above, Testoland is a testosterone cypionate and packaged in 200 mg ampule. It is a very powerful form of testosterone. Being highly anabolic androgenic in property, it can help in growth of muscles. Since it has the capacity to enhance nitrogen retention, it can easily promote the growth of muscle in the body as its protein storing capability increases due to presence of nitrogen.

In addition to that cypionate can also increase another anabolic hormone called IGF-1 that can repair the damages of muscles and help in very fast recovery.

Effects of Testoland

Due to its ability to bind androgen receptor, extra fat can easily break down and also prevent accumulation of more fat cells. Due to the effects from taking Testoland Landerlan one can achieve both muscle gain as well as fat loss. In addition to that Cypionate can also increase red blood cell count and due to which glycogen synthesis gets promoted, which is very useful during workout.

This also results in increasing the production of creatine that is essential for producing ATP that breaks down into ADP that releases energy in our body and muscles. Therefore, while you are engaged in workout Testoland will promote the energy at much faster rate.

How you should take Testoland

This drug comes in the form of ampule of 200 mg and can be taken with the help of an injection. You must divide into half dosage and take 100 mg dose twice a week or take single injection of 200 mg once in a week. This must be continued for 12 to 16 weeks. Its injection is quite smooth and hence one can take it for longer period.

Though it is considered to be creating very less side effects, but there must be post cycle therapy plan to recover after the cycle. Women should refrain from using this drug due to its high androgenic activity.

Benefits and side effects

It has following benefits

  • Useful for both bulking and cutting cycles
  • Muscle growth with loss of fat
  • Helps in muscle recovery during workouts

Following are its side effects:

  • Enlargement of breast
  • Water retention
  • Baldness
  • Acne
  • Prostate enlargement

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