How Often should you Undergo Massage Therapy

A common question Massage sherbrooke therapists tend to hear frequently would be ‘how often should one get massage therapy?’ It would be pertinent to mention here that, as with all health and wellness services, the answer to the aforementioned question would depend on the person asking it and the benefits that specific person expects to receive from the therapy.

Find below few general guidelines recommended by massage therapists.

  1. General wellness

If you were looking forward to receiving massage therapy for general wellness, the duration should be around once or twice a month. It would enable people in generally good health to make the most of available health benefits along with allowing every massage session to build upon the previous session. It would mean that you do not have to start over from scratch again.

  1. Treating chronic conditions

In case, you wish to have massage for treating chronic conditions such as neck aches, migraines, backaches and other bodily pains, you would require having massage therapy once more frequently. It would help you seek desired relief in least possible time. It would be pertinent that you start at least twice a week for initial four to six weeks and increase gradually with passage of time and improvement in symptoms. While chronic conditions have generally not been solved in single session, some would be managed by regular and effective massage sessions.

  1. Improving athletic performance

Massage has been essential support mechanism for athletes. It would help them maintain overall muscle health and flexibility. Several people who have been heavily involved in sporting activities would be recommended to undergo massage therapy twice or thrice a week, especially during periods of intense training or work outs. However, the session could be reduced to once or twice a month depending on the training period or during off-seasons. Massages would help athletes reach their peak performance levels along with keeping the body protected from injury.

  1. Relieving from stress and tension

Massage therapy has been known to help in relieving stress, insomnia and anxiety associated with stress and tensed body. If you were undergoing specific stressful situation or scenario leading to high stress lives, it would be recommended to seek massage therapy every one to two weeks time.

It would be pertinent to mention that people wishing to treat specific medical conditions would require massages more frequently as compared to people who would like to undergo massage sessions for relaxation and enjoyment.

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