Why Delhi for the Best Hair Transplant Procedure

The patients/clients across the globe visit India to get the hair transplant procedure done as it offers you the best facilities, services and rate. The hair transplant services offered by the Indian clinics, come under the best top-class selection thus categorised as the best hair transplant in Delhi. There are a number of cases when a patient needs, simply the PRP or stem cell therapy to induce the hair growth as they don’t fulfil the eligibility criteria for receiving the hair transplant. As a matter of fact, when one receives the hair transplant along with the PRP an acronym of the platelet-rich plasma gives the best outcomes in terms of the fastest healing period and enhanced hair growth. The clinics established in Delhi provide you with the best rate and services for the procedure and some of the reputed clinics provide the best service facilities along with the PRP also known as the bio-hair transplant technique. However, patients from across the globe want to join medical tourism in India.

In this article, we are mentioning the Aspect that encourages the patients/clients to join medical tourism in India, especially for receiving the hair transplant treatment are as follows: –

  1. The Best Method of Hair Transplant:

As we all know that medically there are two proven techniques of the hair transplant procedure known as the FUT hair transplant and the FUE. The FUT or the strip method of the surgery allows a surgeon to extract a number of hair roots in a single session via the strip from the safe donor part of the scalp, i.e., the back & sides of the scalp. And, the clinic established in India, especially hair transplant in Jaipur offers the best Bio-FUT hair transplant that gives the best results.

Why Bio-FUT is the best technique and how is it worthy to receive it from Delhi Clinics: –

  1. The Sustainability of the Results: Since the FUT technique is done via the strip excision that is only taken from the safe donor part of the scalp, which is resistant to the effect of DHT and thus gives the permanent hair roots that never fall out.
  2. The High-density Hair Transplant: The high-density hair transplant is possible with the strip harvesting technique as it allows a surgeon to receive the best maximum number of hair roots in a single session. Therefore, covering the greater or smaller Norwood grade of baldness is all possible along with the best coverage with the FUT hair transplant.
  3. The only advisable Technique for the Androgenic alopecia: The FUT method is only a single option to treat the pattern hair loss or the Androgenic alopecia as it gives the permanent results of the procedure. The procedure is done with the FUT technique assures you about the best results at an affordable cost in Delhi.
  4. Transection Rate is less in the Recognized Hair Transplant Clinics in Delhi:

The certified hair transplant clinics in Delhi use the high-end technology that makes the procedure an ease with the best quality and concern and thus the transection rate for graft damage while extraction is very less. The reputed clinics manage a strong and lengthy team of the expert and experienced technicians in the process of the graft dissection. The dissection of graft under the higher magnification of microscopes allows a surgeon to offer the best results at an affordable cost of the procedure.

  1. The Budget-cost of the Procedure: The budget-cost of the hair transplant procedure applicable in Delhi clinics are generally based on the number of grafts considered as the best affordable cost option. Per graft cost in India is generally one-fourth of the cost applicable in the USA, UK, and UAE and thus clients from across the nation take interest to receive procedure in India.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant in Delhi has many benefits and one can receive it at the least cost when joining the medical tourism in India.

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