Providing Safe Mobility To COPD Patients With Medical Rollators

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD is a type of lung disease that prevents the flow of air into the trachea and thus, makes breathing difficult. As per the survey conducted by experts, it affects almost 4 to 9 percent of adults. In the same survey, it has been seen that patients equipped with rollator experienced smoother performances along with increased stability. Patients with a rollator traveled a longer distance than those without a mobility aid. Also, from the perspective of safety, security and comfort, rollators scored higher than non-users. Therefore, rollators can be beneficial for patients who are suffering from moderate to advanced stages of COPD. There are different types of walking aids for elderly that are prescribed by the expert physicians to increase the mobility and safety for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Among all, rollators are the most common due to their functionality and affordability.

Why choose medical rollators for COPD patients?

With the help of medical rollators the symptoms of COPD can be minimized. The exceptional moving aid the tolerance of walking can be increased. The rollators available in the market come with a seat and foam padded backrest. These enhance the tolerance level of the patients as they can consider sitting and taking rest after a long tiring walk. To remain physically active, walking is a crucial exercise for COPD patients. Moreover, the point of affordability is also cheap for the patients. Considering this, rollators are the perfect choice for every COPD patient. The best part is, a person suffering from the ailment does not have to depend on others as rollators promote independent living. Rollators can take a person wherever he/she wants thus, minimizing human assistance.

Patients can cover a larger distance

With the help of rollators, user experiences ease of walking. The wheels free up the mobility and moreover, also provide a place of rest when patients get tired. This means, a person suffering from COPD can cover the extra distance with the help of walking aids for elderly. The enhanced ventilatory allows users to improve the pattern of walking. The efficiency of walking is often followed after the improved walking distance. This takes the ability of movement to a new level in search of curative way. Rollators are known for attenuating shortness of breath. The problems of dyspnea often arise with COPD symptoms. Different types of wheeled assistive device can reduce the problems of breathing especially in more severe cases.

Smart features of rollators

One of the smart features of rollator is its loop brakes. Most of the mobility aids come with such type of brakes and are also easy to use. The brakes are similar to the ones that are found in bikes. The user only needs to squeeze the handle and pull upward when slowing down. Choose rollators with smaller wheels especially if you are looking to move around within indoor spaces. Do not compromise with storage and weight of the user when choosing a rollator.

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