Look For the Best Footwear If You Have Plantar Fasciitis

If you have been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis then the kind of footwear that you choose is very important. Therefore, while shopping for footwear you must ensure that you feel minimum pain and problem. You can surely keep yourself free from different kinds of foot problem by choosing the right quality of shoes that fit your feet.

If you consult the professionals in any treatment centre like Pied Réseau for this problem then they will suggest you following few tips that will help you shop for your footwear.

  • Prefer to visit a shop at the end of the day as during this period your feet are larger than usual and hence if you choose your footwear during this time, you will not feel it too tight later.
  • Prefer not to choose any pointed toed or narrow shoes as such shoes can aggravate your problem even further. Choose round or square toed shoes, which can provide maximum room.

  • If you measure your feet then you will find that one foot is usually little bigger than the other. Therefore, make sure that you are comfortable after wearing both the shoes.
  • While taking trial of shoes, you must put on your socks too
  • It is not necessary that your size of shoe will remain same all the time. As you grow older, then your shoe size may increase and that is normal
  • Both your ankles and toes must fit in well with the shoe selected by you.

  • You should not force your feet in the shoe in order to match with the shape of the shoe
  • Size of different brands of shoes may vary and hence before choosing your shoe get your feet measured
  • Before finalising the purchase of the shoe, you must wear both the shoes and walk around in the store and make sure that you are feeling comfortable. You should not consider that shoes will stretch in due course of time to suit your foot.
  • Prefer such footwear which has provided sufficient amount of cushioning so that it can absorb shock easily and keep your foot well protected. This is very important if you are suffering from heel pain.
  • There must be enough arch support in the shoes.

Poor fitting of shoes can cause more problems to your feet and hence choose your shoes very carefully. You can also buy any custom inserts or orthotics, if you are suffering from pain.

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