How to buy health insurance if you are a visitor in U.S.

Health insurance is very important in the US. Many schools require F-1 students to buy health insurance (also known as 美国医保). You are also recommended to buy health insurance after graduation, such as opt insurance. The one is ideal for international student to purchase is Huhu Insurance (also known as 虎虎保险) Some employers provide health insurance with employees. Remember to ask for your employer about health insurance before accepting an offer. Since the H-1B visa application and the H-1B lottery procedure (also known as h1b 抽签) are very complicated, you should always consider hiring an immigration lawyer (also known as 移民律师) when you apply for an H-1B visa (h1b签证). In this article, we will introduce how to choose insurance if you are currently working in U.S.

After working in the US, you can get health insurance through the following channels: participate in the company’s Group Health Insurance, purchase your own individual health insurance (Individual Health Insurance), participate in the collective medical insurance provided by the industry association for members, etc. .

Group Health Insurance is a non-wage benefit that the company provides to its employees. If you are working in the United States with an H visa or an L visa, you can get insurance from your employer like a US legal immigrant (green card holder) or citizen. The collective insurance premium you pay can also be used to reduce taxes. Most Americans consider the company’s provision of health insurance as an important consideration in their job choices.

You must pay Social Insurance Tax and Medicare Tax when you work in the United States. Medicare is a social health insurance program organized by the US government to provide medical services to the elderly over 65 years of age. You must pay 1.45% of your salary as a Medicare tax. Even if you are not entitled to Medicare health insurance benefits in the future, you must pay. When you work in the US and pay a Medicare tax for ten or more quarters, you can qualify for Medicare medical insurance when you are 65 years old.

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